• Yesterday, sitting in the teacher’s lounge (I teach English at a community college), I heard a fellow teacher complaining about her student’s behavior.  The student hadn’t turned in work and was giving the professor grief for not giving him a break on his grade.  The teacher worried about giving this student a poor grade for incomplete work.

    Professor Goodwin,  sitting next to me, said, “You need to give him the “F” – he didn’t do the work.”

    The worried teacher returned, “But what if he get’s upset – what if the other kids won’t like me.”

    Dr. Goodwin chuckled, “Tough nuggets,” and went back to her grading.

    Often many of us teachers eventually learn not to care what students think of us. At least this is how students see our occasional our pragmatic, unemotional responses. While many have learned to detach somewhat (to survive the plethora of student defenses, true and untrue…

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